torso , 2016


Slightly Different


Now we currently live in a very hectic society where nobody can live alone. Everyone affects each other’s lifestyle.

 I always consider the distance that people have in society – where and how they are situated. How they affect each other regardless of physical and mental distance. Distance comes in many forms but I’m usually drawn to two types - conceptual layering and physically layering. 

 we depend on parts that specify gender to create a distinction of male & female. Everybody is socially titled to a certain genders because we all have genitalia and chest. With this questionable portrayal of “gender” , I break the distance / distinction between genders. #genderless2017 is a technical mechanism to see my thoughts interacting with world. 

About installation: 

Then I developed TORSO further by actually removing parts of the bodies that specify certain gender. I photographed different style of body of torso and attached wood backside.

By taking this out to society, this acts as a interactive passage between my thoughts on gender and people’s thoughts on gender. When people contribute their beliefs into my installation, their feedback becomes a part of my work.

3 way of feedback :

1. I spy their behavior hiding far from installation.

2. through their Instagram or Facebook post with hashtag #genderless2017 -to collect their post in one account.

3. set video camera in front of installation to tell their thoughts /  first impression.


Expected response when i exhibit installations: 

I expected openly wide response. I will accept any kinds of reaction. (ignorance, negative replies, positive reaction) people can step on it(small size of version), wear it, create their artistic talent, recreate their own artwork, hit it . every kinds of interaction is okay because these are all precious inputs. 

 Children might ask the reason why there is no male / female genitals and chest. They are having curiosity about human is all different. from simple response (e.x. Is it male body? whose body is it?) to deep response ( there is no social rolls now, sexual equality) or just having fun with installation. 

 I just want to give a opportunity for people to think about social role with manipulating my installation.

estimated dimension : 

60 * 80 * 80 inch

photo attached on wooden plate backside (fixed) 

55 * 3 inch hole upper body

20 * 5 inch hole lower body

4 ,5 installations outside( different body type)